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Heres a quick thread about my situation. My friend wants me to buy his old computer which is a Intel Quad 9550/MSI DDR 2 motherboard/about 4gigs of the RAM for $300. He's got a nice heatsink on the CPU right now and I dont want to fool with all that stuff. I would rather just take out the whole thing if you know what I mean. He also wants to keep the case it is in now. So today/tommorow I told him I would go and look for a case and heat sink. Buying the heatsink for him and the new case for myself. We'll be taking out his old components and putting them into the new case and He'll get the new heatsink. Oh, and I have to buy a new power supply.

The reason I ask is b/c its sort of a catch 22. I could get a new computer for around that price when you add up all of it and but the CPU isnt going to be as good. Then again, I wou have a warranty and wouldnt have to worry about putting it together.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Depends on your situation. Don't worry too much about your friend. Let him pay for your inconvenience. I've been buying systems lately instead of building. It all depends on your budget and what power supply you'll need for your video card. I may buy a new system when windows 7 comes out. Check frys if you have one nearby. They have an antec 550w ps for $29.99 which ends today.
  2. Not a bad deal form Mobo / CPU and Ram - does he include any drives ? or a video card ?
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