Just got my new computer, not reading at ddr3 1600

Hey everyone, I can't seem to get my ram to read at 1600mhz, only 1333. It's in
'ungaged" mode


That's my system, an x3 720, ripjaw ram, and gigabyte mobo. In the bios (which is where i think i need to go) I find the ram settings page and there's a crapload of options (including cas latency), but i don't see anything about 1333 or 1600. Anyone have any advice for me? thanks!


^ Pic of what cpuz tells me
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  1. Change the 669.6 mhz to 800mhz and change the timings like is said on it. It should do 1600mhz now I think.
  2. Edit**

    Found it today, changed it to 800mhz, but windows experience index didn't go up at all. Isd that normal? I can't believe my laptop with ddr2 400mhz ram is getting a higher score than my ripjaw ddr3 at 1600mhz...

    Something I noticed was if you look at the screenshot, cpu-z lists my ram as being in "single" channel mode. That's no good right? Any way to fix that? I've got two ram stick and put in the blue colored slot and one in a black colored slot. slot 1 and 3 according to my mobo.
  3. bump for update
  4. I might be wrong but i though that you had to put both sticks in the same coloured slots so that they can be dual channel. I think there also supposed to go in the slots closest to the cpu. But since I'm a bit of a noob don't assume I'm right.
  5. Yea you will have to put them both in either 2 blue slots or 2 black ones in order for it to be dual mode.

    Use Memtest(http://www.memtest.org/) to test your RAM stability after you've done that.
  6. Wow that's retarded then. My motherboard told me to put them in slot 1 and 3 (different colors). Kind of made sense though, since each color would be a different channel.

    thanks guys. It should probably make my ram much faster right?
  7. I think that it would, but again I'm a bit of a noob so don't expect me to be right.
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