Need a low profile replacement for my stock cooler, advise

I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 (45nm Yorkfield, 95W TDP), i've been noticing it runs really hot on normal stock settings, then i have to run it on full using speedfan to keep temps under 60. that makes a lot of noise though.

i'm planning to get some arctic silver 5 and use a new and better heatsink. Prob is my case is a bit narrow, i think i could fit a 13cm tall cooler at the most.

I dont overclock, so i dont mind using an oem cooler, provided that cooler blows air straight towards the left-side pannel (while the case faces me) so i can use a duct to remove that hot air directly from the case. Problem with the stock intel cooler is that it blows air radially outward and parallel to the mobo. Thus half the air gets thrown out by a 80mm fan, the rest by my PSU. however, feeding 50C hot air to the PSU doesn't sound like a great idea to me. Plus cable management is s**t in my case, so heat kind of gets trapped.

If you'd know of a decent third-party cooler that's not taller than 13cm, that would be ideal. It would be a bonus if wont have to remove the mobo from the case. CPU cutout is trash, of no help. I think push-pins are my only hope.

Any advice would be worth its weight in gold.
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  1. Best Answer above.
  2. You have it a bit backwards mate,
    The fan on your standard heatsink blows air onto the heatsink it doesn't suck it through and blow it away, and if a shroud is fitted, thats to draw fresh cool air into the case and straight onto the hs/fan,
    normally you'll also have a 80/120mm fan at the rear of the case to exhaust any hot air,
    ps, pushpins are awful, try to avoid them :P
    hope this helps
  3. ^ahhhh i was wondering why it was blowing air radially... yeah dude i know i have a rear 80mm fan, i attached it :P but doesn't seem to be enough really. i have a real crap case. airflow sucks big time. i heard about the pushpins. my system was built two years ago, and i didn't know enough about these things to assemble it myself, so i really don't have much experience about CPU coolers and mounting mobos, the rest of the stuff i've either replaced or pulled out, cleaned and put back in myself.

    So you think that between push pins and removing the mobo, i should remove the mobo?
  4. If you make sure the pushpins are securely clicked, no need to remove the mobo,
    but personally I would remove it and mount a 'proper' backplate and bolts/bracket,
    it depends on the weight of the cooler tbh, i wouldn't trust a heavy one to pins,
    fanwise you could upgrade to 120mm units if your case allows it,
    and as long as your careful about static, you shouldn't be scared about taking it to bits :)
  5. hmmm i see...i liked the GeminII S, and i don't see how i could mount this using pushpins. So i'll have to remove the mobo it seems...i usually am careful of static, i just don't want to break it or anything!

    Nah, no 120mm option. though i could add another 80mm. PSU has a 120mm that helps, but i think once the CPU exhaust air goes directly out of the case through the side, cooling shouldn't be a prob, most of the GPU air goes out through the VGA vent.
  6. I actually like the looks of that cooler :)
    but yes, as long as your careful enough, that should be an easy enough install, take it easy and post back how you get on mate :)
  7. i will, though that'll be in quite a while!

    thanks a lot Moto! :)
  8. no probs man, post back if you run into any issues with mounting it,
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