Evga geforce 8600 gts 512mb

What is up everyone. I am looking for a PSU to run my SLI on two evga geforce 8600 gts 512mb. I have been up and down forums and so far i found this

My sys atm consists of:
CM-690 case
Asus M3N72-D
AMD Phenom X4 9500
Thermaltake V1 Cooling - Copper
4 x 2gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800
Thermaltake toughpower 1000w
500g HDD / DVDRW/ 5-in-1 Card Reader
Vista 64 Home Prem

I am looking to take the 1000w psu and build another sys. I already have 2 GTX 280s (BFG OC / EVGA SC) and my case is Azza solano 1000. Heh been patiently waiting for more DDR3 products :o

Thanks for all the help!

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    Yeah, that PSU will work. The 8600s don't use up too much power so you would even be fine with a good 450-500W unit for that system. An Antec earthwatts would be a good choice, as would this FSP blue storm II

    FSP Group Blue Storm II 500W $59.99
  2. Even with my previous choice, it is cheaper in price. Is FSP Group a pretty prestige company compared to Thermaltake , OCZ. Ive noticed a lot of threads refer to enermax or silver....stone? or PC cooling or whatever that one was.
  3. The FSP group, also known as Fortron, makes pretty good PSUs. Their main business though is being making PSUs for others as they are one of the few PSU manufacturing companies. Despite the fact that they generally make high quality and efficient PSUs, they have not been too successful in marketing their brand and have lately been eclipsed on the top end by others. Check out PSU tiers to see how various PSUs compare

    The Blue Storm II was among the most stable and efficient 450-600W PSUs when it came out. It's hard to beat at it's current price.
  4. Lol seeing that you have one :o) i take it you appreciate it. Well, i will keep the info in mind. I am a shopper. A couple main things i look for are rebates and of course free shipping! :bounce:
  5. Well, I'm pretty sure that the 8600GTS needs a PCI-E adapter, so since both of the Corsairs only have one you will need to use a PCI-E to molex adapter for the other. The PC Power & Cooling has a 6 pin and a 6+2 pin so that would work just fine. It's a great PSU, but it's a little pricey.
  6. By the way, I think the 400W Corsair is cutting it a little low. Go with at least a 450W unit so that you're not stressing the PSU and thus prolonging its life.
  7. Kewl, i will keep an eye out for anything that passes by. Like i said i am pretty picky on what i am purchasing.. here is a link to my card
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