Installing DDR2 667mhz in 553mhz supported mainboard

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!

My friend has a laptop with the motherboard that originally supports DDR2 553mhz ram. He needs to upgrade his RAM and I'm thinking of installing a new 2Gb DDR2 667mhz for him. It's pretty difficult to find 553mhz RAM in retail stores here. Just curious if the motherboard could support 667mhz memory.
Thanks a lot!
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  1. Hi newcomer, and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Yes, you can buy and install the 667MHz, but this only can run at 533MHz, and maybe you can have some problem like blue screen.
  2. hi SAINT19,
    Thanks a lot for ur fast response!
    what's the chance of having blue screens? if that's too common, i think i better dig into 533MHz. what do you think? Thanks.
  3. Maybe one in 7 days, or, one per day. I can't say to you with safety. But usually isn't successive.

    In this case, is better that you try to get the 533MHz for avoid this problems.
  4. thanks a lot for ur kind advice. Yup, i'll just try my best to get a 533MHz....
  5. If your motherboard has BIOS settings for manually setting the RAM speed, then 667 RAM will not be a problem. Just set it to run at 533. Just make sure the voltage is supprted.
  6. ^This process is OC the RAM, and maybe, the mobo is a little old (533MHz aren't comon in this days), so, maybe the mobo don't support the RAM OC
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