Help with Overclocking with a new Motherboard.

Hello Everyone!
I have followed Tom's Hardware for quite some time, however I joined only today, Just me being lazy. :hello:

I need help overclocking my rig. Yesterday, I bought a new motherboard , an ASrock g41m-vs3 (Extremely similar to this one and 2 GB Kingston DDR3 ram @ 1333mhz.
This is my current rig
Q6600 G0 Stepping.
G41m-Vs3 ASrock.
2GB DDR3 ram @ 1333mhz.
Nvidia 8500Gt 1GB ( 720 Mhz coreclock, 482Mhz memory)
WD 500Gb 7200 RPM SATA Drive
Gigabyte casing
Stock coolers, 3 Case fans. Temperatures, 55 at full load for processor, 81 for the GPU and 42 for the motherboard.

I used to have an Intel Dg35ec ( But had to replace it because USB stopped working on it totally. With that board, I used to overclock the processor till 2960mhz. totally stable with SetFSB . With my new board, Using Asus' Easy OC tuner, (Software used to overclock and control fans from windows) I can't overclock over 2.7Ghz with the multiplier set to 9 and basically just changing the FSB but not the voltage.
Anything higher than 2.7 Ghz gives a BSOD just like anything higher than 2.96 did with my old board.
Thanks a lot. I hope someone can help, I understand I will not be able to overclock much with this aging hardware and stock cooling, but I should atleast be able to reach 2.8-3 Ghz? Thanks again.
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  1. I should also add that I can modify the voltages from the Application in Windows. And that the RAM shouldn't be stressed too much since it doesn't even have a heatsink. =/
  2. Ok, Well i have a Core 2 Duo E4500 Which On My Previous Mobo (MSI 945GC) Overclocked To 2.75 Ghz Wuite Easily! (250 x 11). But Then Recently That mobo wouldnt boot(Bios chip problem), so i got a new motherboard, i.e the
    Asrock G31M-S R2.0 and i couldnt go over 235 x 11 = 2.585 Ghz! Anything after that gave a BSOD!

    The Asrock Program Showed That I Was At The Maximum(In That Meter).. I Tried Bios Overclocking And Asrock OC Tuner To No Avail!
    I think its a problem with the motherboard or the chipsets (G31 And G41 Aren't great overclockers as i read)
  3. The G31/G41 CPU's are economy chips with an upper FSB limit of about 360 MHz.

    You can get usable overclocks from CPU's with 200 and 266 MHz FSB freqs.

    However, manufacturers tend to put economy CPU's in economy motherboards. This means that the relatively inexpensive power regulators make it difficult to overclock quad core CPU's.

    The usual problem that beginning overclockers have is leaving the memory settings on Auto.

    Take the memory settings off Auto and set the memory clock multiplier to 2.0 or the lowest possible multiplier (DDR2) or to 4.0 (DDR3).
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