Is my Hard Drive going Soft???

For the last couple of days every time I start my computer up I get a Disk Error and it asks me to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, I do that then the OS starts and freezes. After rebooting a couple of times trying to get into repair mode it finally shows up and I have to restore everytime but once it starts it seems OK. I ran CHKDSK and there was no problems, I fixed the boot sector from the command window, plus everytime it comes out of hybernation it freezes so I have to reboot. I can restart it no problem once it is running but once it is off for awhile I get the disk error? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance...
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    Hibernation causes problem disable it or don't use it.
  2. Thank you will try that...
  3. Just to let you know that the HDD did crash, but I am still using your advice about shutting off the Hybernation mode.
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