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I have recently bought a Radeon 4770 and I am using the CCC the manage different profiles for managing my fan speed and the OCing the card a bit. But when the card is at idle the gpu clock drops to 250 but the memory clock remains at 800. When managing the profiles I can force it to drop from 800 to 400 but my question is this:

Would this create any problems for the card I mean the card itself doesnt drop it so it some king of forcing that could damage it from continuisly changing from 400 to 800 and reverse?
Because I switch the profiles quite often so is it safe?
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  1. It shouldn't damage the card. As for problems it depends. When starting up a game the profile should automatically change the RAM speed back up to 800, but if the gap is big and takes too long then the game will have some issues. The only way to find out is to do it :D.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    As for the card, I tried it and it droped the idle temps from 47ºC to 42-43ºC with the memory on 400 at 30% fan speed.
  3. Use a program call ATI Tool Tray (ATT). Google it.
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