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WTB Lots o stuff

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July 8, 2003 7:11:49 PM

I'm building another PC, I know a lot of this stuff is brand new but here goes...

(2x) 256meg PC3200 DDR RAM
Sound Blaster Audigy

If anyone has any of that stuff, please post here, I usually don't check my PM's that often. No subsitutes, I am a U.S. citizen, and I'll only accept U.S. dollars.

Note: If anyone knows any really good deals online for any of those items, please give me a link! Thanks!
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July 13, 2003 7:19:31 PM

I've got a 120GB hard drive here, I would let go for around $89. Let me know if you want it.
July 13, 2003 10:26:10 PM

I'm very interested! Please either PM me or reaspond here w/ answers to these questions:

1. Brand?
2. RPM speed?
3. Would your current offer cover shipping fees?
4. Which state do you live in?


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July 13, 2003 11:30:41 PM

The hard drive is a WB 120GB 7200 RPM drive. I'll pay shipping anywhere in ths US. So let me know.

btw my e-mail address is

July 14, 2003 4:39:20 PM

Western Digital.
July 23, 2003 5:46:50 AM

I have a Intel 3.2ghz 800mhz FSB.
Email me at if your interested.

August 18, 2003 9:24:56 PM

be careful don't buy from six, he rips people off.

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August 18, 2003 9:28:06 PM

Cooltek, I really advise not to buy from this guy six. Heard a lot of bad stuff about him. Plus, you can getcheaper sales on hdd's from compusa sales....

It's not about good or bad, it's about which gets you rich and laid faster.
August 18, 2003 11:07:32 PM

Papasmurf + Flamethrower:

I already bought from Six, I explained our 100% successful transaction in another thread started about the matter.

Six seemed like such a cool guy, the deal was great; $80 for a 120gb hard drive, he paid for the 2day shipping. This is all very shocking.

What happened to you PSmurf? I know Six doesn't post here a lot, but he always e-mailed me within hours.

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August 18, 2003 11:42:18 PM

Well, good for you that everything went smoothly. Now stuff that HDD full of porn like any good citizen should do :evil: 

It's not about good or bad, it's about which gets you rich and laid faster.