Gtx 260 and amd phenom II 550 power qustion

i have an 8 month old Thermal Take TR2 550W W0134 psu. I am thinking of updating my computers cpu, ram and grapchics card to a AMD Phenom II 550, Geforce GTX 260 Core 216 and 4 GB of PC2-800 RAM. My questions are will it work and for how long if it does.
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  1. I would just try it. Even your monitor size and resolution will effect the power requirements. Some folks are using 24-32 inch monitors now. Frys has the antec basiq 550w for $29.99 today only; wouldn't be much difference, but a better brand. It has 22-25 amps on each 12v rail.
  2. Any other opinions
  3. I replaced a burned out gts 8800 with the gtx 260 and was running a 500w PSU and was having powering up issues.
    I mentioned this in this post

    Anyways, what eventually fixed my issue was replacing psu and I got the tx 750 Watt Corsair from new egg for 89.99 after rebate and have had no issues.

    My 2 cents, good luck.
  4. For a single GeForce GTX 260 GPU NVIDIA recommends a 500W unit with 36 amps on the +12V rail.

    In theory you should be okay. However, there are several different models of that psu. The older models weren't that good. Could provide the exact model number or nomenclature so I can check technical references?
  5. I'd be happy to. This is the old PSU Model No. ISO-OOL

    According to New Egg, it said my set up would require 531Watts, and technically one would think that would work. I can only say that after replacing with this I am no longer having issues powering up. I would be curious to know if that old Thermaltake was one of those not so good ones.

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