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i think my graphic card fan have stopped on my 8600GTS. Where is a program (free) that i can use to check my fan speed?
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  1. Why dont you just look inside at the fan while the unit is on?
  2. it's very dark and i dont have a light >.< but i found a good program and my fan wasnt running as i suspected
  3. Then you've confirmed the fan isn't running. Disassemble the card and clean it out. The fan might just be stuck from excessive dust or dirt.
  4. nope... apperently my fan wires had stuck in the fan ending in my fan ripping them off... i've made them contact again but it didnt work... guess i'll have to buy a new fan because the card itself are still working
  5. zipzoomflyhigh seriously was that even funny? i was making a joke and you bring me that lol. Don't call me a caveman just because i was too lazy to open my case and check inside. I did after i checked the fan speed on speedfan.exe but seriously... not a very informant reply
  6. A good cheat is to use a suitably sized case fan and simply stick it over the dead one, glue or cable ties are the usual way of attaching it.
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