Undo BIOS update or flash? NO VIDEO SIGNAL!

hi, I have just put my first comp together, and I updated the BIOS hoping to fix some memory problems i have, But after i updated the BIOS, the computer turns on but no video signal to the monitor? very frustrating. oo ya, also after i flashed the BIOS it turned on and saying something about creating a driver disk? might've been something to do with the RAID.

The memory problems i mentioned above is the samething, I go to the BIOS and change the memory profile to 1600mhz and the comp restarts but no video signal.

some specs:
ASUS P6X58D Premium Mother board LGA 1366
6GB Corsair dominators DDR3 1600mhz
two 500GB WD black in RAID 0
BFG 8800GT 512 mb

some 1 please help! i wanna at least see my monitor goes on...
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  1. Did you ever get a response or were you able to get this matter resolved? I just did the same thing on my laptop and the manufacturer is telling me since I didn't get a Tech to do the job, they can't help me.
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