Will SATA 600 drives work with sata 150 port mobos?

I was wondering if I can get a WD sata III 6.0gb/s 2tb HDD to work on my old Mobo form way back in the day. My mobo has a Serial ATA 1.5gb/s.

Fact: The Sata III HDD will plug into the SATA 150 port mobo;

Question : Will the WD Sata III 6.0gb/s 2tb HDD run in the slower speed mobo until i can afford a new pc to put it into?
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  1. SATA is backwards compatible so it should work. Worse case, their may be a jumper on the drive to set it to 1.5g/s.
  2. I thought about the pros and cons of buying a HDD that I didn't know was compatable.

    The pro's out-wayed the cons so i bought a 'Seagate 6.00Gb/s, sata3.0, 2TB, 64Mb Buffer, HDD'.

    (I Figured at worst; I'll still have a 'sata3.0, 6.00Gb/s, 2TB HDD' .I can keep it until I build a brand new PC.)

    It had no jumpers. It was an auto.

    The device would not install or show anywhere...... It kept making a scratching sound and sounded damaged.

    I still had the old O/S on a working HDD, so I downloaded a program from the Official Seagate Website,


    It found the HDD so I could partition and format the 2TB HDD, I think the file was about 150MB in size.
    The program was fantastic.

    After the HDD was found, partitioned & formated by the manufacturers software, it made no strange sounds.

    I now have a 2TB slave full of mp3z, Digital Videos, & .pdf's. Not to mention I have backed up Iso's of all of my expensive software, incase of theft or damage to discs. It was really worth the risk.

    I must admit, I only have an old "IBM p4 3.0ghz HT, 2GB Ram, 256MB Video Card", so this tells me that "ALL SATA DRIVES (1+2+3) ARE BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SATA PORTS (1+2+3)", One Way Or Another!
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