Core i7 w Asus P6T No Display on Monitor

Yes I've tried all the solution Re-seating the graphics card.Restarting the PC, re-seating RAM, reseting the CMOS. Nothing is working. I had it up and running in Windows XP
64 and then I changed the resolution to a resolution that was greater than my monitor could handle. I think this is the problem. I tried to boot in safe mode to change it back, but NOTHING comes on the screen.
Just black. Anything you suggest?

Sapphire HD4830
Core i7 920
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  1. Remove your Graphics card then power it on you'll get and error, power it off and put the card back in, this may allow you to get to your bios.
  2. baddad,

    when i remove the graphics card, i get nothing. I'm sure its a motherboard problem the more that I think about it. It won't post, no beeps. I can take all the memory out and it still powers up the fans.

    Weird. I'm going for ANOTHER Asus P6T RMA. Hopefully the 3rd board will work!
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