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Hello, I have a dell inspiron 531s, I need to know what kind of power supply I need to order because I want to take it out and put it in a new case but I need to make sure I get the right psu. I know that the mobo is an asus and that I am able to get a new ps for but in a different case.. Can someone please send me some links of good priced power supplies that I can order for this thing. Also I just purchased a radeon 4650 but I keep getting a blue screen I think that it might be my powersupply because its only 250w. I have heard of people running this card in their inspiron 531s having success. I sure am jealous of them. Anyway I am pretty sure its my power supply being only 250w. I will order a new PSU but I wanna make sure its the right one, Im gona get a new case and show me a PSu that will work..

Thanks so much

Inspiron 531s amd x2 4000 2gb ddr2 radeon 4650
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  1. It's been years since I owned a dell, but if I recall, they use a nonstandard case and power supply to prevent user upgrades and do-it-yourself repairs. The MB is nominally an ATX in it's rear panel config, but I would not be surprised if it even has a nonstandard hole pattern for case mounting. You should locate a Dell User Group to confirm this. In the meantime, I'd search for a Dell parts online. You might just be better-off sticking with the Dell case. There are aftermarket sources out there for those power supplies. And there are many people out there who have overcome your problem.
    As far as the 250w issue - that's flat-out too small a PS unless it's a mini-ITX. If the case is too small for a standard ATX PS, now you're sort of painted in a corner. 350-380 is as small as I would ever consider and if you can locate a 420 at a fair price go for it.
    And my guess is that BSOD is likely a driver issue. If you get the code and memory location there are some websites that can decode it for you and allow you to zero-in on the fix. This case-MB-PS issue is why I stopped having anything to do with Dell.
    Good Luck.
  2. Your current PSU must have 280W or 350W, so, i think that with your new GPU, one of thie is enough for your rig.

    My votes goes in this orde

    1- Corsair
    2- Thermaltake
    3- Antec

    Choose the best for your budget.

    Or you can calculate you PSU with this link:
  3. Are you sure that those psu's will work with my motherboard?
  4. vexun11 said:
    Are you sure that those psu's will work with my motherboard?


    100% sure, the problem in this case is your case, is a mini-atx case, so your PSU must be something like this.

    And have 250W, so, if you want change the PSU you also need change the case of your PC, not for one expensive, but for one ATX case.
  5. That's what ive been wanting to do. I hate this thin case. Let me know what kind of case and PSU something decent where both of them are < then 75$ i know there are some deals out there for around that price.

  6. I will get a case after I test out a PSU link me a ps I can order asap. Something not too expensive around 400-500 watts, I'll set my pc on its side and let it hang out so I know it will work, then i'll get a case.
  7. The case is perfect and for < $75, you can buy the case and the Antec PSU of the link that i post in the 1st reply.
  8. Alright, just out of curiousty and being cheap, is there any PSU thats less expensive that will work with my mobo
  9. I also have 1 more question, I have this Radeon 4650 low profile installed. Everything works out great until I have been playing a game for more then 2 hours or whatever. I underclocked it to 500mhz it lasted a bit longer, then even lower and lasted longer but eventually it just gave me the blue screen. Is there anything that I can do to have this card running on this 250w? All I have is 1 hard drive, 1 dvd drive and this card. Nothing else. Are there any tweaks I can do to be able to keep this card in and use it. I love it.

    I purchased this card for my inspiron 531s because I have read atleast 4-5 people saying it worked in their 531s and they have more hardware in theirs then mine.. Mabey do u think its because they dont play games for a very long time and havent gotten the blue screen yet?

    Thanks a lot for your responses.
  10. Awesome, that's the kind of deal I was looking for. I am going to purchase one of those combos but first what I want to do it buy a Power supply from best buy, the same one I need and test it out. I can't order anything to where I'm living right now, I will be able to in a a week or so. What should I tell the person at best buy about what type and what specs of a power supply that I need to buy so that Idont buy the wrong one. I will write this down and bring it to them to see if they have one in the store I can buy to test it out.

    Thanks! you are awesome
  11. Best answer
    Where are you from?
  12. I am from Salt Lake City Utah. I was wondering if any of these psu's would fit in my case.

    Just looking around bored lol..

    BTW u have been by far the best person to help me out you deserve a metal and i will select as best answer by far. I just wanna wait til this is all finished.

    Thanks again
  13. Also check this out, this is what made me decide to purchase the 4650, a lot of people are running this card with my PSU and lower wattage ones..

    What do you think about this? it works fine until I run a game for an hour or so..

    is there any way I can make it use less power? I use ati overdrive and I cant tell a difference when I underclock it

    There are a Lot of people who runthis card with my ps with no problems, I am confused why Iget that blue screen.
  14. I just had a good Idea, I have 2 external hard drives, each 500 gigs. Do you think if I unplug them it would give me more power to handle the card?
  15. have a walmart near you free site to store shipping better prices
    it may or may not work can't find a straight answer some say a regular will others won't
    Dell Models Known to Use Standard ATX Power Supplies
    look towards the bottom regular atx pins check your manual see if they match
  16. yes they soak up about 12 to 20 watts each i think worth a shot
  17. Do u think that having them unplugged would do it? I always have them on I just unplugged them. I am crossing my fingers.

    Im not sure if this shows what the psu specs are but heres this guide ive been looking through
  18. When I get the blue screen does that mean im destroying my computer?
  19. i downloaded your manual page110 pin assignment is the same as my manual
    shows its a regular atx power supply will work
    you can download drivers here also
  20. So when I go to the electronic store just ask them for any atx power supply"? or do I need to give them any other specific info?
  21. you could tell them the name and model # but they may not be familar with it
    you really should ne looking at the 12 volt rail or rails i think you need at least 20
    25 amps for that video card tell them you want it to power a 4670 a good quality 350 400 watt should do Antec Basiq line is still a good line for cheaper money
    have a microcenter near you good selection and prices in store
    store locations
  22. I guess ill look on best buy's website or somewhere, i havent heard of microcenter before here in utah.. Anyway ill look online and find a psu that will work and if its in stock ill just write it down and go pick it up. I cant order anything online for a little while I dont have a card, just cash.
  23. yea thought so good luck
  24. Thanks a ton for all your help.
  25. If anyone else out there has any more input I would appreciate it. This website is awesome.
  26. ok so I got a new psu, thermaltake 430 watt, runs awesome, quite, way nice, I bought it from EBC computers, local store in sandy utah. It was the same price as on newegg, 40$. The radeon 4650 is running great. I had a question about newegg's exchange policy. Am I aloud to send the card to them and exchange it for another card that's better?

  27. ok so I got a new psu, thermaltake 430 watt, runs awesome, quite, way nice, I bought it from EBC computers, local store in sandy utah. It was the same price as on newegg, 40$. The radeon 4650 is running great. I had a question about newegg's exchange policy. Am I aloud to send the card to them and exchange it for another card that's better?

  28. glad to hear you got it going
    standard vga return policies they have a free 1800# sounds like you might be in luck
    VGA Standard 30-Day Return Policy
    Return for refund within: 30 days xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Return for replacement within: 30 days
    This is our Standard 30-Day Return Policy. Items covered by this policy (those products for which Newegg states "This item may be returned for a replacement or refund within 30 days only") must be returned to Newegg within 30 days of the invoice date for this policy to apply. “Return” constitutes receipt of the product by Newegg, and not the mere issuance of an RMA.
    The following conditions are not acceptable for return, and will result in the merchandise you have returned to Newegg being returned to you:

    Cards exhibiting physical damage
    Cards that are missing the manufacturer label containing model number, part number or serial number
    Cards that are missing the manufacturer warranty label
    Cards returned without all included accessories, bonus games, and documentation
  29. its too late for me to return it hehe, I had to kind of rig the low profile plates to fit my new case, I got a Thermatake Blackwidow case, its amazing. Runs awesome. Thermatake case+psu = w00tness.

    thanks for all of your help., really
  30. is it possible for me to be able to manually turn off external hard drives while computer is on without needing to unplug the usb cable?
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