Issue with DirectX

Im facing an issue with DirectX while executing several games( like Dreamfall, Tunguska,

Tale of Hero).
The error message is differet but is always refering to system not being able to

initialize Direct3D. I.E: “Failed to initialize Direct3D. Aborting”
I've tried reinstalling several DirectX versions(9.0c & 10), and also different GPU

driver vesions like Nvidia reference drivers and Vendor (MSI) ones.
The strangest thing is that other games (Fallout 3, WOW, Memento Mori, Alone in the

Dark,…).are woking perfectly with full graphic detail.
3DMark and other similar tools says everything is ok with my VGA with same benchmark that

when I bought it.

My system specs:
ASRock Wolfdale1333-D667
Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz.
Ram: 3gb
GPU: MSI N250 GTS 1gb DDR3
OS: Windows XP UE

I will appreciate any help!
Thanks in advance!
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  1. now i must ask what exactly xp "ue" stands for,
    personally i would assume the modified version of xp may be the culprit, something may have been changed that affects certain directx functions

    also being xp you can only install up to directx 9c.
  2. i would have to assume "UE" is "ultimate edition." consider there never was an xp ultimate edition, you would have to assume its a hacked version.

    +1 xp is only directx9c.

    my suggesting for a fix would be to... run windows 7!

    its free afterall. runs beautifully too. especially on garbage hardware.
  3. It is Windows XP Unattended Edition - SP2. ()
    I'm concerned because my cards is supposed to support any of this games and it does it very good with most graphic complex ones.
    Tried unistalling and resintalling card and DirectX several time.
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