Best Fans and Setup for HAF 912

Hi guys,

Im buying the HAF 912 Advanced Case in about a month now and i am wondering what is the best setup , i personally was thinking of replacing the two 200mm fans included with 4 120mm . Also im not sure which fans i should buy as in singapore prices and options are different.

Below is the link to the shop's pricelist ill be using, if you scroll down all the way to the bottom you will find a list of fans and their price. It would be much appreciated if someone could suggest from those fans and prices the best ones to choose for optimal airflow, ill be installing a NZXT Sentry mesh fan controller so i can controll the speeds too.

Thanks Alot ,
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  1. Why do you want change the fans? The HAF series means High Air Flow, so, those cases comes configured with the fans in a way that offer the best airflow and performance.
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