Blue screen pooped, and PC keep rebooting

Hi guys,I will skip all the introductions and go straight to the point.I have a problem that just happened yesterday.I was playing world of warcraft with my PC which I just bought it this January, and then suddenly my screen freeze and popped blue screen with a message error that related to IRQL.It happened so fast and I couldn't write down the error message.So after the blue screen popped and my PC restarted,it came out a message on my screen that saying "Checking BIOS on my hard drive and below it,the message said BIOS updating".I managed to go to my BIOS screen and checked if there were something wrong.I checked my CPU temperature,PSU voltage and everything but they looked fine.So I saved and exited the BIOS and tried to continue to play World of warcraft again.But when I just logged into the game,my screen freeze again and again it rebooted by itself and this time it couldn't load into BIOS anymore and also It always keep rebooting itself and I couldn't turn it off unless I unplug the PSU cable.
Can anyone help me in this problem?and what is the problem?
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  1. I forgot to post my PC specifications

    Intel E8400
    OCZ reaper Pc-8500 1066Mhz x2
    ATI 4850 512MB x2
    Antec 900 case
    PSU power and cooling 750W
    Scythe mugen CPU cooling
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    This BSOD error is commonly caused by either overheating hardware or bad RAM.

    Download and run Memtest86+ on your PC. This will check the RAM. Let it run overnight.... or for a long period of time. If you have ANY errors... even 1... it is a sign of bad RAM or maybe even a bad DIMM slot.
  3. I took out my RAM and checked it if whether the PC will stop the reboot but yet it still rebooted itself.I also took out my graphic card and unplug my HDD and the result is also same.It keep reboot itself.Is there a possibility because the overheat on my mobo?or the PSU or the chipset?but if the problem is overheating,I use 5 fans to keep my PC cooler and also the weather is currently cold in my place but why it is still overheating?
    If I use memtest86+,how do I run it on my PC when it keep reboot itself every 3-5sec?It even won't load POST and my monitor doesn't detect the signal from the PC?
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