AMD overdrive bluescreen

I installed overdrive to see what it's like i didn't plan on doing anything with it, just wanted to look at the setting and everything and as soon as installed it and opened it i got a blue screen so i was like ok ill just restart windows, but now i keep getting it everytime i type my password in to get into windows 7.

Here is the screen i keep getting

I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64bit and have a 5770 vapor x
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  1. Full system specs and graphics driver version please
  2. How do i check the driver verison? can i do that in safe mode? as thats the only thing i can get into...

    and by full system specs you mean mobo name, cpu etc?
    this can also be caused due to Bad RAM because it is too high or tight
  4. I have a p67a gd65 mobo by msi
    2500k oc'd to 4.3 if that matters
    g.skill ripjaws x series 1600 ram ( the blue one )

    It might have been because i installed the 86 bit over drive on a 64bit os? i just noticed that. I have no clue what to do though as i'm still fairly new into the PC tech game.
  5. henydiah said:
    this can also be caused due to Bad RAM because it is too high or tight

    I did a ram test and didn't get any errors while doing it.

    I just restored windows to a different date and now it boots into windows with out that error, i just wanna make sure it isn't caused by the hardware as this is a new build and only have so long to return the stuff.
  6. go safemode you must uninstall your soft overclock GPU, boot --> uninstall driver VGA, it make reboot again,---> install your VGA wiht latest driver 11.6hotfix :
    or from CD bundle
  7. Should i still do all that even though it's booting into windows now or am i fine with just the restore point before i installed amd overdrive.
  8. Yes, i know. But i was asking if i should be ok now since i restored windows 7 to before i installed amd overdrive and thats what started all this and now it boots into windows fine. Does that mean its not the hardware and was infact just a software issue? i shall download amd catalys now though and install it.
  9. yep issued driver and registry , you must install registry cleaner for fix driver issued
    scan and fix problem :
  10. Do you know if there is suppose to be both ms visuals c++ 2010 x64 and x86 on a 64bit os? As i got an install error trying to install ms visuals from catalyst everything else installed fine though.
  11. go microsoft site :
    microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)
  12. That told me i have a newer version already installed, maybe thats why it would install from the catalyst thing as well.
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