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ok so i wanted to increase my Cpu's speed from 2.5 Ghz to about 3 Ghz using a CM 212 Plus cooler.
what is a safe temprature on the cpu and will the cooler. The CPU is a AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition.
so maybe Multiplier at 13.5 and voltage 1.4 then speed 3 Ghz ?
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  1. - I think you know, where is jumper clear Cmos
    - Try and boot and stress test at raise multiplier to 13 without
    upping the voltage, if it crashes up it by 0.25mV and
    try again and pretty much do this until its stable in
    intelburntest for 20 runs at max memory.
    Is stable up mulitplier again, alway's keep eye at temperature below 60C when stress test.
  2. Sorry for say this, but your 9850 isn't a good overclocker, so, you will have to use a lot of voltage and settings for get it stable.
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