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I've been a mac user at my job for a long time, but I've recently become part of a small indie start-up doing 3D animation and game development and I need a production PC at home and I'm lost about how to build the system I need. My current Mac is a mac pro with 2x2.26 GHz quad-core intel xeon processors and 16GB 1066 MHz DDR3, and 2 NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 graphics cards running 2x24" LED displays. It would be great if I could build a comparable PC, but I'm not sure what I need. I know that 16GB memory is way overkill with a PC, and the i7 processor might be a better buy than a 2xquad at this point, but will that help with render times? What else do I need to consider?

-Budget for everything including monitors is about $1200..
-Lots of rendering of 3D animations, as well as post production with adobe suite...very processor and graphics card intensive

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