SATA 6GB/s vs SATA 3GB/s

Hey guys, how much faster is a SATA 6GB/s drive over a SATA 3GB/s?

I know that mechanical drives are nowhere near saturating the SATA 3GB/s limit, but I've seen reviews where SATA 6GB/s Burst Rates skyrocketed compared to SATA 3GB/s.

How much does this increased burst rate improve the performance of the drive in the real world? I know of someone who keeps on nagging that a WDC Caviar Blue SATA3 drive (WD10EALX) is faster than a Samsung Spinpoint F3, because it has faster burst speeds. He claims that this noticeably improves boot time, program startup time and when transferring small files.

I'd appreciate it if you guys could also link to me a review I could show to him to shut him up :)
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  1. I upgraded from the WDC-Blue (160GB SATA2) to Samsung's HD103SJ and although there isn't a crazy amount of difference, the Samsung is noticeably faster.
  2. Quote
    The Bottom Line
    In our single disk testing, we saw the hard drive operating on the SATA 6Gb/s bus turning in faster Burst Speed data rates of around 20%. Sadly though, given how fast Burst Speeds are with today's drives even these large jumps in speed really do not equate to much more than a graph best used by marketing folks. You would not see much impact from this increased Burst Speed on real world computing. SATA-IO does feel as though Burst Speed is a bit more valuable (Your Mileage May Vary):
    End Quote. Source:

    Back of my "short lived" memory. There was another review that said basiclly the same - Read after I bought the WD Blk Sata 6 1 TB drive - should have saved money and bought the F3.

    Added - Some of the reviews sound like they were trying to stay on maunf "good side"
  3. Hey, thanks a lot (retired)chief, that's a rather short but very meaningful article :D
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