$5000 Watercooling Rig Help plz ... !?

Hi, I have a $5000 budget for a watercooling rig I am undertaking. This will be my first time venturing into watercooling, so please go light on me. I have some parts picked out and would like some expert advice on weather or not the parts are correct and recommendation on any parts I am missing and anything you feel is better for my money. I have a 46" 3D TV so I will be going Nvidia , 3D will cut my frame rates in half so I need the extra power for these new games like The Witcher 2 and what's to come ... here's the build ...

CPU ... i7 2600K $330

Mobo ... Gigabyte UD7 $390

GPU ... 3 x GTX 580's , $550 ea. $1650 total

Case ... Silvstone TJ-O7 (or 800D or Haf-X ??) $350

PSU ... 1500w Strider (or Strider 1200w ok?) $335

The rest, DVD-drive, 1TB Samsung F3, 120gb Intel 510, 8gb Gskill 1600's,

Around $3400. $1600 budget for watercooling parts.

CPU block ... Swiftech Apogee XT Rev3 $85

GPU block ... 3 x Koolance GTX 580 blocks $145 eac. $450 total

Rad ... XPSC 480 Rad ... $150

Pump .. MCP355 $85 with a custom top or MCP655 ???

Res .. XSPC Liang res $50

Tubing ... How many metres do I need ? 3/8" 7/16" or 1/2"???

Fittings .... I don't understand this part at all , if someone could pick out the proper amount, or advise me.

Vid connectors ... 2 x Koolance VID connectors $50

480 rad enough ? It would go on the bottom of the case with 4 x 120mm Yate loons ..

$900 before proper fittings/barbs/clamps. Then I use distilled water with a silver coin in the res ?

I don't know the orientation of where all the parts go etc. But I would like to make sure I purchase the correct parts and the proper amount of fittings which makes me go cross eyed. Then I can play around from there!

I'm also thinking of going 800D or Haf-X with a 360 rad and an Asus Z68 Deluxe board then SLI GTX 590's , if that's an easier route.

Saw this and it looks nice!

I will keep reading, and youtubing as well until I have my Ah-ha! moment.
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  1. you need 3 Gb 580's
    single 480 may not be enough=different case
  2. Ugh...I wish I had time today to break this one down. Sooooo busy. Some of the questions being asked are addressed in the WC sticky.
  3. I will read your stickies!
  4. Glad to see you over this side man, and two of our top guys have already answered you,
    enjoy the stickies and I'm sure you'll have more input by the time I check back :)
  5. These might be a better option for graphics/GPU cooling. Also available in 1.5GB FTW version.

    Might also be interested in this board.
  6. get 2 580's and the 800d sucks
  7. Why did you comment on a thread that is over 4 months old since the last post?

    Please open a new thread if you have a question or forum discussion contribution. Simply stating that something 'sucks' isn't relevant contribution due to negativity and lack of supporting information.

    To add- the 800D is very common in watercooling circles due to the ability to host larger rads internally.
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