ASROCK G31M S 2.0 good for overclocking?(will be buying tmrw)

System specs:
CPU: Intel core 2 duo E4500 @ 2.6 Ghz(stock 2.2)
RAM: 2GB DDR2-400 @ 800 Mhz
MOBO: MSI 7267
GPU: ATI 6770
PSU: 500W Corsair

So my current mobo has no vcore adjusment!
De max stable overclock i hav got is 2.6 !
i read dat E4500 can easily reach 3.0 Ghz
And so i decided to upgrade my mobo to an Asrock G31 S 2.0!
So is it good enough???
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  1. Yes. I'm G31M-S R2.0 owner and your E4500 will run better.
    My CPU is Q8400 and is running to 3.25Ghz (400Mhz overclock).
    Since your CPU is C2D it will run faster (better oc) than a C2Q.
    You don't need to adjust or change voltages.
    Enjoy your new mobo :) !
  2. Thnx.. Am already enjoying it.. :)
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