Who makes HP motherboards AMD 940 xw9300

Can anyone tell me who make the motherboard for the HP/Compaq xw9300 part #381863-001, AMD 940, DDR2, with SATA, IDE and SCSI.
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  1. Use "cpuid" a free download. It might id the manufacturer of your oem board.
  2. o1die said:
    Use "cpuid" a free download. It might id the manufacturer of your oem board.

    Thanks, I'll give it a try
  3. could it be this?


    I do not think Socket 940 (Unless you count AM2 with 940 pins) supported DDR2
  4. Ooops! my bad. you are right it is DDR not DDR2. I was working with two different MBs at the time at got the specs confused. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I am new here.
  5. Thanks to everyones help I found the answer. Most HP/Compaq boards of that gen were made by Tyan. The one I referred to above turns out to be the HP version of the "Tyan Thunder K8WE S2895". I hope this might also help someone else looking for detailed specs on these boards. The differences seem to be the BIOS chip, the on-off/reset, LED, and front panel connections. HP has connectors added to the board and there are no pins on the board where the Tyan connections would normally be.
  6. If you need to get the pin out(power,reset,hdd act,ect), have you tried to contact HP? They are generally good for this kind of thing.
  7. Hi, good point about contacting HP for the pin outs. I traced the circiuts to find the correct connections but for others that might not be able to do that calling HP is a good idea. Thanks!
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