This system was built for me some years ago and is configured as follows:
2 dual Opterons
4 SCSI drives one of which is the boot drive
2 SATA storage drives
2 WD Raptors in RAID 0

I have removed the two WD Raptors having first deleted the partitions on both, and now although I can boot up and run the system fine, my two remaining SATA drives are not seen. Can anyone please help me on this. In the BIOS in the section below the line Excluded from boot order I have two entries:

PCI BEV: NVIDIA Boot agent 229.052
PCI BEV: NVIDIA Boot Agent 229.0

and then the listing of my non boot SCSI drives
2nd CD drive
Legacy network card.

In the device manager I see under SCSI and RAID controllers my Adaptec SCSI controller card and two entries for NVIDIA nForce4 Serial ATA RAID Controller.

I hope this is enough information for someone to please gently take me through what is needed to get the SATA drives seen again. BTW they are both recognised fine on an other system!

Many thanks for any help.


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  1. I use the hardrive software to prep any drive added to a motherboard. You can set them as boot or secondary drives, then make a drive to drive copy if needed. Maxblast 5 works with maxtor and seagate drives and maybe others. But western digital should have siimilar software available for download.
  2. Thanks for that but I rather wonder why I would need to do this when these two Seagate SATA drives work well when plugged into a completely different system. I seems to me that there is just something wrong in the BIOS settings to cause this problem that I'm not understanding<G>


  3. Check your hardrive settings in the bios; try "ide".
  4. Thanks but why should I do this because I do not have any ide hard drives<G> The computer uses one of the five SCSI hard drives for the boot drive as detailed in my original post. It is the two SATA storage drives that are no long seen that are the problem. Am I missing something?


  5. OK Guys and update.

    I have now flashed the Bios to 1.6 and now the following fails to appear in the boot screen:

    PCI BEV: NVIDIA Boot agent 229.052
    PCI BEV: NVIDIA Boot Agent 229.0

    After further hours spent in going through all the possibilities in the BIOS but not finding anything I could sensibly change, I connected one SATA
    drive up and then tried to boot up and after about 40 seconds we arrived (with two beeps) at the
    screen telling me that the 16384M of ram had passed and the error announcement of out of space
    for Option ROMS (whatever they are) and the two options F1 to continue and F2 to set up.

    I decided to take the F1 option and then up came the flashing cursor at the top left of the screen.
    Think that perhaps if I gave it enough time I would have a successful boot up. After waiting for
    140seconds we arrived at the Windows XP Pro 64 setting up screen much to my amazement!

    With great apprehension I then went to disk management and could hardly believe what I
    saw.....the SATA drive was visible!!!! I then closed down and attached the second SATA drive
    and went through the same slow boot process and that rive was also seen. I've now repeated this
    and have again been successful.

    All that I need to do now is to work out why the heck the computer has that 140 seconds where it
    does not appear to be doing anything. Oh yes, and I need to set up a RAID 0 for four 15K
    Cheetah drives on an additional Adaptec RAID controller card. Hope that will be trouble free. Not
    something I have ever done...should be fun<G>

    I hope that the above might help someone who is having the same problems as I has, and also that someone might be able to throw some light on why my boot up is so very protracted!


  6. For your info, the ide setting will sometimes enable a sata II drive; the other option is often "raid". But your board is pretty old, so it may have had difficulty with the sata II drives. At least it's working.
  7. Thanks...as an oldie you should be careful calling a four year old board old<G> I tend to go far a high spec and hang onto a system for a long time. I will report back if I find why boot up is taking so long.


  8. Good point. But in todays fast changing cpu competition, 4 years is truly old.
  9. Yes I agree, however I believe that one need not be controlled by the hype put out by the likes of software and hardware vendors to buy their latest offerings, which are often in their first release flaky to some degree or another. For me buying a new system is based on the inadequacy of the existing to do the job that is required of it.


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