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My O.C. Nvidia GeForce 250 GTS 1 GB

Okay, so I have a question.. My video card idles around 52 Celsius and bumps up to 60 Celsius when playing games. Is this bad?

My video card came pre-over-clocked already at 750Mhz, is there a way to under-clock it so the temperature will stay low and so it will still be able to play hard demanding games such as GTA IV?

Thanks!!! :D
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    No, those temps are fine. I would start getting concerned if your GPU starts to reach upwards of 70°C.

    Yes, you can underclock your GPU, but considering that the 250s aren't exactly top notch cards, why would really want to make them perform worse? GPUs can also be equipped with an aftermarket cooler. Here's a good one:
  2. Well... If Your GPU Stays below 80-85 Degree Celcius At Full Load(Playing Intensive games) Den U're Fine!
    If its above 85... Dats wen u start worrying!
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