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hey guys, i thought i would post this here because it is somewhat relative to overclocking.
my old 17 machine is flacking out and i want to do a new build ie mobo cpu ram and video card. i do somewhat enjoy tweaking it a bit but havent been folowing whats new in the world of computers since i built this 1 about 3 years ago. what is the current best bang for your buck overclocking intel cpu that i can still use my i7 waterblock on? any recomendations on boards and ram? thanks guys
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  1. i am thinking of this...
    any input guys at all? i trust the TH forum guys more then the guys at the computer store
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    You don't need pay extra for the Z68 chipset, get a P67 chipset that can give you very similar performance for less price. The RAM is crap, go with Corsair Vengeance or G.Skill Ripjaws.What budged do you have for GPU? A single GTX 580 or GTX 560 SLI are excellent combination for that i7-2600k but if you want save more money and still have excellent performance the i5-2500k is a very good option.
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