Please help me!

I just got a 1000w cooler master silent pro power supply today to replace my 650w corsair psu. After i installed it my computer wouldn't post anymore when my cpu is overclocked. It will just restart itself every couple of seconds, so i put my 650w corsair back in and now it wont post with that psu either when i have my cpu overclocked.

I have a
Intel Core I5-750
Evga p55 sli motherboard
Gtx 570 graphics card

Not sure if the rest matters.
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  1. If you take new psu you must clear cmos ( you where is jumper or batteray mobo :D )
  2. The PSU has nothing to do with the BIOS. You can swap out working PSU's all day. The BIOS will not care.

    FF, does your system boot when at stock speeds?
  3. you are right @ JSC, replace the PSU does not have to
    clear CMOS, but I just worry if the OP change the PSU the system is still under overclock, this will be a problem, because the rail psu output will be different.
    nglish, Other questions, if system still default, remove old Psu and install new. just my opinion
  4. I've been messing around with it in the last couple of days and figured out that if i take a ram stick out of dimm slot 4 it will work just fine so it seems like the new power supply killed my dimm slot. I just shipped the new power supply back because it also had this weird buzzing noise and got a refund. I think ill just wait until ivy bridge comes out to do a full upgrade instead. Thanks guys! :)
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