What is usb park mode?

Seasons Greetings, can anybody explain what 'usb park mode' is?

This is on a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 motherboard.

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  1. Ok, did a bit of searching around and here is what I could find for you.

    USB Park Mode
    The main advantages for using Park mode over sniff mode are that it leads to reduced power consumption
    and allows more than 7 device to be connected to a master. It also gives more time for the parked slave to
    participate on different piconets. (this is from one of my searches)

    EHCI Specifications Final .pdf - See Page 25

    EHCI v1.1 Addendum .pdf

    Page 7 Asynchronous Schedule Park Capability

    Also see - USBCMD - USB Command Register

    Page 9 Asynchronous Schedule Park Mode Enable

    Also see - Asynchronous Schedule Park Mode Count
  2. thanks, that did it
  3. You're Welcome :)

    Happy New Year!
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