Help me drain Rasa 750 RX240 with pictures for reference

Hi guys,

I have been using Feser One red dye in my loop for about 6 months now, and I only learned about two months after I started using it that it would be bad for your loop overall. So I then decided on draining and cleaning the loop during the summer. The problem is I don't know how to start.

The problem is that I don't know which hose to unplug without spilling it all over my components.

Here are the pictures of my loop

As you can see, the lowest point is the hose connected to the CPU block. I am going to clean the block anyway, so my thought was to unscrew the block with the hoses attached, put it over a bucket, and take off the lowest hose.

As you can see, I cannot unscrew the reservoir/pump because I cannot pull it out any farther. I am going to buy 6 feet of Tygon 7/16 ID to replace the existing hose. When I first set up the loop, I accidentally cut the hose going from the CPU to the Reservoir too short, so I cannot pull it out any further than what you can see there.

And then I have my radiator, which I will soak in vinegar and flush when I disconnect everything.

Other than that, I also want to hook up a T connector so that I don't have to go through this hassle again with flushing it. However, I do not know what parts to use, or where to put the drain on my loop. I can only find these:
But none of them are 7/16 ID....

All and all, I will be using Walgreens distilled water instead of that feser dye poop. Can I leave distilled water stationary in the loop for a long period of time? I will be going back to college in the fall so I will not be able to run the loop everyday.

Thanks everyone
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  1. Thats an Rs240, not the Rx fyi,
    This is the Rx240 mounted on my latest build in progress

    but I'd put your rig over the sink with the rad over the sink, so the pc is on its back sort of thing
    now the loops from the rad are the lowest points,
    assuming you have the pc supported, snip the loops and direct them into the sink,
    wiggle about (the pc,not you) to make sure you get all drops out then you can disassemble over some kitchen paper, and next time, build in a T line so draining is easier :P
    This page has some T line fittings, you put one of those in the line near the low point, add a length of tube to your choice, then put a blocking cap on it until needed
  2. Damn, forgot to paste the link, I'll pick that up when I get to the pc, the reason I posted back was if you remove the optical drive above the res, you should be able to get screwdriver access choices of T connectors, plus dont forget your blocking cap :)
  3. Any progress man?
  4. Distilled with some PTNuke and/or killcoil would help you keep crap from growing, but not 100% if it is going to sit idle...if you keep it stored in the dark, and out of the sun, I think you'd be fine. That green crap tends to grow when you leave it idle in the sunlight. :)
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