Troubles with 2x 4850 Crossfire

I just bought a second 4850 GPU a while back and been working on trying to run them in crossfire, but so far I have not had much luck. I was hopping y'all might be able to help me out.

What I did was installed the first GPU, updated the drivers and got the latest CCC. I then shut the computer down and installed the second 4850, plugged in the 6 pin power connector and put on the two crossfire bridges and booted up the computer.

When it booted up a CCC message came up stating that crossfire is the ultimate in graphics power blah blah, so I thought it all worked correctly.

I them opened up the CCC to check the box that says "Enable Crossfire" but nothings there. Also the Overdrive tab is now gone, which was there before I put the second card in. I should have a Overdrive and a Crossfire tab, but they are both missing. And that is where I'm stuck now.

Something I think I might of missed is that there might be a switch on the Mobo or a setting in the Bios that I have to change to enable crossfire on the Mobo, but reading though the manual and doing some Google searches I have came up empty handed.

If any of yall might be able to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Update:

    I just ran a Furmark test to see if maybe it was picking up both cards and see if i could notice a difference in performance. I ran the test, didn't get any higher that when I only had 1 GPU installed, but after running the test the crossfire tab in the CCC is now showing up, but the overdrive is still MIA.

    In the crossfire tab I still cant click on the enable Xfire box, and a diagnostic msg is showing up. The msg is saying that the internal Xfire bridges are not connected properly and both bridges need to be connected.

    I have them both connected to the cards and im pretty sure its the right way, although they do sit on the cards kinda loose. Is that normal? These don't snap to the cards to anything.
  2. Try using just one bridge. There are no benefits to using both but some pwoplw have performance issues when both are installed.
  3. Tried that, still getting the same error in the CCC.

    Anybody have any other suggestions, or information about enabling crossfire on my Mobo?
  4. yeah, you need to uninstall video drivers and reinstall them with both cards installed in the unit. i just crossfired and that is what i had to do.
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