Problem with GTX285's

I have two EVGA GTX 285's in SLI mode.

I've been using the stock fan for the i7 in my build, but today I upgraded to the Xigmatec Dark Knight cooler. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the GPU's, but I want to provide as much info as possible.

Before I upgraded, my gpu's were working perfectly. I could run Crysis no problem.

After I installed the fan, I pressed the power button on my case, and it didn't turn on. I tried to press the motherboard green button thing on the EVGA x58 mobo, but I might have pushed the clear cmos or something button. When I ran crysis the r_displayinfo showed the logos and menu going at 100fps+ but it looked like it was going at less than 10. I noticed that the gpu memory counter says 335MB instead of 1725MB, which I'm guessing means that there is a problem.

The device manager says I'm at driver version released on 7/14/2009.

I know the cards aren't dead because I'm using dual monitors and they're working fine albeit slower than before.

Sorry if any of this sounds strangely worded, typed it in a hurry.
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  1. ESD?

    *edit* it was a question. like... were you careful when poking around in your computer? ^^ ESD can have many many varying effects. really depends on what gets zapped and how functional it still is.
  2. Can you provide more info? How would that be the problem? I'm pretty sure I didn't fry it because my monitors are working.
  3. I'm pretty sure I didn't shock my computer. I was nowhere near anything that can create static and I was touching unpainted metal.
  4. Not getting answers, I'm going to reformat, will update when done.
  5. Solved by reformatting. I'm lucky that this is a new build and I didn't have anything very important on yet. I think it was a problem with recognizing drivers.
  6. gratz. i was curious.
  7. strange ... but happy for you !
  8. When in doubt, reinstall the hardware. If that doesn't work, reinstall the OS.
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