Will a GPU with a DDR2 memory compatible w/ a motherboard w/ DDR1 ram

is it compatible:

Motherboard: Asus P4V8X-X
Ram: 1 Gb DDR1


ATi Radeon x1650 pro agp
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    Yeah the graphics memory and the system memory are 2 different things so it doesnt matter what kind of memory the GPU has. the importnant things is that you have agp 8x and a good enough PSU.
  2. short answer: yes
    Long answer: yeeeeeeeeees

    :P the only thing u really need to worry about is that its PCI-E or AGP, and if u want best performance that the slot runs as PCI-E 2 and 16X but tbh with the GPU above that stuff doesnt matter.

    just make sure its AGP or PCI-E depending on the Motherbaord
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