Best MB for gaming? Asus P6X58D, ? What Do You Think? Good Choice?

Hello All,

I will soon purchase the motherboard for the new gaming system that I am building and I would appreciate suggestions. I am asking for advice for the primary parts before I buy. The MB that I have opted for is the:

ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX ($300.00).

I chose this board because I am going with the i7-950, 3.06 GHz processor and the video care will be the Radeon 5970. This board appears to have an ideal configuration for what I want to do. If I decide to add a 2nd video card, both PCIe slots will run at x16 when occupied. It also has a 3rd PCIe slot (runs at x1 when) among other slots when I decide to add a sound card. The spacing of these slots apear to be adequate for expansion. There are 6 SATA connectors, enough for my RAID set up. It also has a USB 3.0 if I ever need it.

I have done much research on MB’s and this board seems like the best bang for $300.00. I will be using it for gaming and surfing the net. My computer tech knowledge is average; not nearly as good as many or most users of this forum. Therefore; I am asking if this is an ideal MB for gaming? If not or if there is something better, please share your advice and knowledge.

Thanks in advance

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    dont go with 950, 920 is the same thing but lower clockspeeds and you can easily overclock the 920, get the 920 and a good CPU cooler like a CM hyper 212+ and as 5 and save some cash. btw you chose a good mobo :)
  3. If the 920 can equal the 950 when it is over clocked, then it seems to me that the 950 can be over clocked to something even faster.

    Also, you say the 920 is easy to over clock, yet, I have never had any success over clocking a MB despite all the educational reviews I have gone over.
  4. well i have not oc'ed a i7 myself but i have read that they are easy to overclock.

    i have a q6600 that i have overclocked from 2.4-3.4 and i didnt find it that challenging.

    sorry but i cant help you any further, someone more educated and with better english plz help him :)
  5. There are a million pages dedicated to overclocking the 920 and the newest version has something called D0 stepping which makes them more stable. Many people have hit 4ghz on them. I went with the board you are talking about and a 920 because I couldn't justify the cost of a faster chip when people had such great results with the 920. Check it out because you may need to buy some faster memory too depending on how high you want to go.

    BTW I'm not a gamer but I do understand that the graphics setup on this board is great because both PCI-X slots will run at 16x plus you can run 3 cards if you really want (from what I read) which I am not sure is even supported yet but it came with the adapter for it. Once again I am speaking on something I know nothing of cause I am not a gamer.
  6. hello Matt
    could you tell me about raid 0 option of this mobo, other day I read that Asus maximus II can switch to raid 0 mode after a bios setting, where you can turn it to work on raid or single hdd..

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