i recently built a new computer with a phenom II x4 965 processor and a gigabyte ga720 us3 mobo. The processor was being clocked down to 1.6ghz so i upped it to 3.4 again in the bios. The computer will now not post and sometimes restarts soon after i power it up. Case fans and power fans and cpu fans are on, but no motherboard beeps are heard whatsoever.
I just bought an asus m4a78 pro motherboard and am planning to transfer all components to there hoping this will fix the problem.
Do u think that ive blown the cpu or fried the motherboard somehow? Some people say this mobo is compatible, others say its not but its not appearing on giga's website on the compatibility list so im hoping i havnt blown the processor.

What could be the problem anyone?

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  1. Try resetting to your default settings in the BIOS.
    I don't think you fried the CPU or motherboard.
  2. The 955 is listed as compatible IF you have updated to BIOS version F3.
    As dunklegend suggested, reset your bios to load fail-safe defaults.
    Then update your bios to version F3.
    Then load optimized defaults and see what happens.
  3. i would suggest unplugging all the cables on your mobo and plugging them back in. i myself have a 955 processor and experienced this problem. also, the bios doesn't need to be up to date UNLESS you have succeeded in starting it up once before, in that case you need to manually reset the bios every time you boot up until it is updated.
  4. and no, i do not think your cpu fried your motherboard. does the fan try to repeatedly speed up on your cpu?
  5. The processor was being clocked down because it may be what it was designed to do when it isn't under load and goes back up when needed as do Intel processors. Jump the cmos and see what happens.
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