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Hi, I've an Acer Aspire X3300. It's working great but I got a SATA HDD docking station today to try and gain access to the info on my old Dell inspiron HD.

I can see the files but I don't have full permission to access them. When the HD was in the Dell my daughters and I were all seperate users, I had a password.

Do I have to boot my current computer from the HD in the docking station and input the password to gain access to my data or is there another way?

If I do have to boot from the old Dell HD how do I go about doing that?

Sorry to go on and thank you for any help you may be able to give me.

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  1. Personal user folders are created by default with security that precludes access by other users. To access the folders, you need to sign on to an administrative account, right-click on the folder(s) in question, select the security tab, and do two things:

    1) Take Ownership of the folder (including its contents and subfolders)
    2) Add "Full Control" access for the account you're using.
  2. sminlal, I'll give it a shot, thank you.
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