Will SSD help stuttering in games?

I feel like at times my games are not being fed data fast enough with my standard 7200 rpm hdd and I feel like an SSD upgrade is in order... The problem is consistent through several games, the performance is good, but not great due to what I feel is now being caused by my slow HDD, any truth to this?

First, what SSD is a good value to go with?

Secondly, if you are trying to game, do you just install the game on the SSD or is there a swap file you can just move to it?

I have a p2 955 @ 4.0ghz and 6870 crossfire and 8 gigs 1600 mhz ddr3, I am playing with vsync enabled and triple buffering and am still experiencing some so called microstutter from time to time, (although it is not very noticeable, I'm anal after spending all this money on GPUs etc)

as a general question will an SSD be a worthwhile upgrade for aiding the textures not being loaded fast enough with my current HDD? or am I just wasting money on this, I dont care about game load times which are pretty quick already all I am trying to acheive with this is as smooth and stutter free gameplay as possible.
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    To be honest it probably won't help. With what you are running I'm fairly certain that any stuttering is probably the game itself? What game are you having the problem with. If it's 2033 good luck getting that to stop! LOL.
    In any case I have almost the same computer and my SSD is the best upgrade I have ever made!!! Computer boots up in 20 seconds, and I mean I'm in webpages in 20 seconds. You can open a million applications at the same time with no delay. I couldn't be happier. The only thing that I would recommend would be get at least a 120GB model. I bought a 64 and it sucks. I am a steam user. I only have the storage for 2 games at a time. Every time I want to download something new I am shuffeling stuff around to make room.
    Anyway get the SSD, another thing to try would be to up your fan speeds on your GPU's. When I was still crossfired sometimes the cards(being close together) would begin to overheat and preform poorly. The auto speed control on the CC doesn't work well. Try putting the fans up to 65-70 percent and locking them there. Play the game again and see if it makes a diffrence.
  2. thanks, yeah I have an aggressive fan curve on my cards and temps never really get above 70 but I will try to ramp them up even more and see if that makes a difference, I read somewhere that if the swap file for a game (textures) are being stored on a standard hdd then it could cause this type of problem, really its not a problem, I'm just looking for flawlessness, anyways this problem is quite consistent across games; Batman AA, BFBC2, Bulletstorm, Just Cause 2, and many more and I too am a steam user so I will probably shoot for a 128 gb model, does anyone else have any insight on if this upgrade will benefit my occasional microstutter? and also if there is a way to store the swap file only on the ssd, if there is any benefit to that and how its done? if this is the case then I can just get a small SSD and only store the swap file on it...?
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