Stock Settings i7 860 running too hot


When I run Prime95 on my machine, it gets really hot really quick. hovering near 100 on 2 of the 4 cpus and close to 95 on the other 2.

Everything is stock on the machine. The case is open also. Room temp is about 75F.

My exact specs are here

Is there anything I can do. I do not wish to necessarily overclock, but i got a couple of bluescreens last week due to overheating doing normal work (programming using visual studio and some 3rd party).

At rest machine runs at about 45F.

I dont know what other information i need to give to help people understand my problem.
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  1. Did you build the computer yourself? It sounds like the fan isn't attached properly.
  2. sportsfanboy said:
    Did you build the computer yourself? It sounds like the fan isn't attached properly.

    No it was custom built in a shop.

    Thats what i think too....

    I was able to remove the heat sink yesterday and reattached it.... didnt help much. I order thermal paste and and decent heatseek and will replace the stock one as soon as it comes in.

    Worried about having to remove the motherboard and installing the backplate a little bit, but i have built computer in the past, before heatsinks and thermal paste, but i am sure i will manage.

    I bought

    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus Direct Touch 4 Heatpipe Heatsink AM2 AM3 LGA1366 LGA1155 LGA1156 120MM


    Arctic Cooling MX-3 Thermal Compound Paste NON-ELECTRICAL Conductive 4 Gram

    found recommendations for both on the board
  3. Good combo on the heatsink and thermal paste,you should be happy after the install. Removing the motherboard is a pain but all good heatsinks require a back plate. The 212 is a pretty easy fan to install and in some ways easier than fighting with the ridiculous push pin method that Intel refuses to improve.
  4. thanks to you both for taking the time. I will post back after making the upgrade with results...

    Thanks again
  5. Well the CoolMaster came in today.. without the Arctic cooling compound.. but there was a tube of paste included, so i used that one.

    I managed to replace the fan and the change is automatic and great.

    I now run below 40 at rest, I went as low as 31C.

    The big difference is when i actually work. Normal work would bring it over 80c really fast. now it wont break 50C.

    And i ran Prime95 for a good 5 minutes.. it never reached 60C.

    When I received the new compound, I may replace it, but for now I am very happy.
  6. Good stuff
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