Amd e 350 on amd hudson m1 overclocking guide and help

Hi guyz,
Need all the help and guides about overclocking the e-350 dual core 1600 MHz ..
I have an Acer aspire 4253..amd e-350 fusion / zacate on amd hudson m1(SB) and amd k14(NB) ...
2 gb ddr3 ram.hoping to extend it to 6 gb..
windows 7 64 bit..

can i O/C my laptop...and how ??

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  1. UP! I also have the same request from our good fellas here. I googled but no avail. I have a Fujitsu PH521 with E-350 APU & 8GB RAM....
  2. If your BIOS is unlocked you may be able to turn the clocks up on it...I am suspecting that the BIOS is locked though so you guys may be out of luck on OCing those machines
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