4890 BAD performance mobo botelneck?

Hi i got A problem with my new pc
i get very low fps in games... Gta iv i get about 10fps i should get around 40

my specs

amd 955be x4 3.2gh
4gig ddr 2
asrock 790gxh/120
750 w psu
wjndows 7 64 bit home

so do you know whTs the problem?
I think its the asrock mobo...
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  1. dude gta4 is sucking game and not the best way to judge your gpu...you might get so low fps if you have maxed out shadow density and the two distance details..
  2. i know but its in all games...
    crysis i get 12 fps i should get 30 or something?
  3. Are you connecting the vga to the video card? Did you install drivers? is the pII in cnq mode all the time?
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