What Are Intel Xeon Processors Used For?

I have always wondered what the Intel Xeon CPU's where used for. Where they used for servers?
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  1. Workstations, servers, and similar professional applications.
  2. As cjl said, Xeon is the name given to server processors, and server processors are frequently used in workstations too.
  3. Mostly used for servers but as said above, also workstations too.
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    Xeon processors include features that are specifically designed for the workstation and server market, depending on the model. For example, I purchased a Xeon W3520 instead of a Core i7 920 - both CPUs are almost identical, except that the Xeon model's memory controller supports ECC memory - something that is often used by workstations.

    Other Xeon models allow you to have a motherboard with two, four or more CPUs (ie, entire CPUs, each in their own socket, and not just cores inside one CPU) in a system. That's something you can't do with a Core i5 or i7 CPU.
  5. Workstation, servers, HPC. And obviously, if you want a 2P or more.
  6. 2P?
  7. ^Dual Processor (NOT Dual Core!) = 2P

    Such as:
  8. Shadow703793 said:
    ^Dual Processor (NOT Dual Core!) = 2P

    Such as:

    OK, I learned today's new thing.
  9. dunklegend said:
    OK, I learned today's new thing.

    I think were learning something new everyday. That is untill we die.
  10. Apple likes to use Xeons as well.
  11. Yes, for workstations and the mentioned above.

    Screw 2p, it's 4p opterons for me.
  12. Some Xeons are little more than a re-stamped desktop chip which works in the same socket even. The E3110 (E8400 equivalent) comes to mind, but there are plenty of others.
  13. But they say Xeon!

    AMD does the same thing except normally they are more expensive.
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