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Hi, for the bus speeds, hardware, etc please see below but my basic question is which of these would perform best for gaming? 2 x 1GB DDR2-667 OC'd to 800MHz (matched pair in dual channel mode) 1 x 2GB DDR2-800 native 800MHz 1 x 2GB DDR2-800 OC'd to 1066MHz (if stable) Additionally I know that 2GB is minimal these days for a gaming rig but until I can afford an upgrade am I correct in thinking mixing the RAM would result in lower performance all round, even though I could total 3GB with my 2 slots? Many Thanks! Details: Gigabyte G31M-ES2L motherboard Intel E7200 2.53GHz OC'd to 1333MHz = 3.16 GHz) Matched pair of 1GB DDR2-667 Kingston modules OC'd to 800MHz.
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  1. keep it 2x1gb, 1x2gb would provide lower performance because of the single channel on it
  2. Well, at those speeds I would be interested in the timings as well. Low latency could be an important factor.

    If it were me, and I know cost is a factor, I would wait and buy a 2X2Gb kit of quality 1066 memory. If you look at the system builder marathon just concluded here at Tom's, the results show quite clearly that overclocking efforts will be greatly enhanced by choosing the right parts. That means not skimping on budget ram.

    Look at it this way, you could get one stick of 1 gig ram for 30-40 dollars. You can get 2 gigs for about $45-55. Which is the better value?

    Now you can get 4 gigs ddr2 1066 (2x2gb) for $80 (w/mir). Now what is the best value for your dollar?

    Given the choices (it was a little confusing, I think you need a comma in there somewhere) I would choose the 1X2Gb ddr2 800 and see what can be done with that. Again, I would also consider the timings and quality of the ram being used (heat spreaders, brand, etc.)
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