How to Overclock Phenom x4 955 Black Edition

hello guys noobish question how do i overclock this cpu it runs now at clock speed of 3.200GHZ my board is a Asrock M3A77ODE should i overclock i have a stock heatsink but i have loads of fans on this gaming case and have 1050 Watt power supply thanks

i have Asrcok overclock tuner and i can bump the cpu up to around 4GHZ then i get blue screen of death i never messed with voltage only cpu frequenc and multiplyer stock settings are cpu frequesncy 200 cpu multiplyer 16X

PS i didnt understand the stickied thread can someone explain thislike im stuped i realy dont want my board to explode


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  1. Have you checked this out? I think it's a pretty thorough guide with some extra tips.
    Dolk's Guide to the Phenom II
  2. keep in mind that reading more guides will help with a safe overclock. but since the phenom 955 is a black edition it can overclock very easily due to its unlocked multiplier. try downloading amd overdrive and start out with the auto overclock. software overclocking is not as efficent but its a good start.

    when you start to overclock manually, make sure to build up and run stress tests. if you are not willing to dedicate time to stress tests then stick with the auto overclock
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