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Hi guys... I will soon oppgrade my computer. I got a Antec 900 case with 4GB RAM, 3GHz processor and nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX. I think I should buy 4 more GB RAM so I will then have 8GB RAM and mybe buy a new processor with 3,33 GHz but I don´t know if its any big differents between 3GHz and 3,33GHz. And I will then also buy a ATI radeon HD 5970. The main problem is that I don´t know what motherboard I should buy. I don´t know what motherboard that fits in my case, so please help me guys.
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  1. Any ATX motherboard will fit. A 5970? Maybe. I know an eVGA GTX260 and an XFX 4870 both fit.
  2. If I am going to buy a graphic card, I would buy the best and ATI radeon HD 5970 is now the best and fastest graphic card in the world and it supports DX11 110%... so I need a motherboard that fits this card :P
  3. No. You need a case that will fit that card. That card will fit any motherboard with a PCI-e X16 slot. And any ATX motherboard will fit in the case.

    Admittedly, that's a top end video card and it should be paired with a top end motherboard and CPU chip. I think a 5970 is about 1.5" longer than a GTX260. You can take the black plastic fan shroud off the middle drive bay (if it is still mounted) and measure to see if you have enough clearance. I think that it will be very close.

    You may need to trim a little metal off the top of the lower drive bay and the bottom of the middle drive bay to get enough clearance, but it should be doable.
  4. I am quite sure that card will fit in my anted nice hundred case, because I have seen pictures and movies that show it. I have also found a good motherboard for the ATI radeon HD 5970 named ASUS Rampage Extreme, X48, Socket-775. I also found out that you needed a 650W power supply or better for that graphic card and I have 550W, so I will buy Corsair HX 750W PSU. But listen... it says on the motherboard that it supports DDR3 RAM cards if you understand my language, and I have 2x 2 DDR2 RAM cards (4GB) and I have written down on my list that I will buy 2 more of them so I have the same RAM cards. Do you think the motherboard will support DDR2 cards when it supports DDR3 cards too??? and 1 more thing.... when I have bought everything I will have 8GB RAM, ATI radeon HD 5970, 3GHz processor, 750W power supply and a that good motherboard. Is this good enough for DX11 games, cause with my old computer stuff I run Far Cry 2 perfect! I can have all the settings on the highest.... but Age of Conan is not 100%. Will I be able to play Age of Conan on top settings and DX11 games perfectly with the new items you think or should I buy a new processor with 3,33GHz processor???
  5. I'm from Norway and live in Spain and no shop in Norway got this card in the shop, so are there any computer shops in England or something that has this card availible for purchasing. I mean are there any shops that has this card in the shop?
  6. DDR2 and DDR3 ram are not compatible. The Rampage Extreme is a DDR3 board so you will need new RAM for it as your old RAM is DDR2.
    You can get X48 DDR2 boards that would allow you to use your old RAM, GA-X48-DQ6 (GA-X48-DS5) or a Rampage Formula for example. However, its not worth getting a new socket 775 motherboard unless you already have a top end C2Q processor like a Q9550/Q9560. If not, you might as well sell your old kit and start again with a core i5/i7/PII build, a new motherboard and DDR3 RAM.
  7. I have found a new motherboard that suports the graphic card (ATI radeon HD 5970), the ram (DDR2), my processor (E8400, 3GHz) and everything else. The name of the card is ASUS maximus ll formula. The only problem that I need help with is: Will the ATI radeon HD 5970 fit my Antec nine hundred case??
  8. will a asus Crosshair IV formula fit the antec 900?
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