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Hey guys I just replaced my processor and motherboard with a p67 and an i5 2500k series, and I put my h50 back on but I'm getting 60c under load stock speeds, without any over clock. This doesn't make sense. I've got a push pull going on as well. I cannot figure out what the issue is. I tried remounting twice. I'm using artic silver 5 and I followed their instructions to the letter: tinted the h50 base, dropped a line across the middle of the cpu and pushed the h50 on without spreading it with my finger, etc. Should I just skip their instructions and spread the artic silver all over the cpu? Is my h50 being a jerk? Is 60c normal under load with default 3.30ghz i5?
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  1. 60c isnt horrible... and i doubt the mounting is your issue, spreading it with your finger may actually hurt your performance. The one line of thermal paste helps prevent air bubbles because the coolers block pushes the paste out towards the edges of the block. If you had much better performance out of the H50 previously, maybe there is something wrong with the coolers pump or something?

    Sorry if this answer doesnt solve your problem, I am not all that familiar with the H50 or any all-in-one water cooler.

    Good luck!
  2. So just a quick update. I accidentally flipped one of my push pull fans the wrong way so the air flow was pushing into the radiator from both sides. So I swapped it out, and rebooted, but my temperatures were still not as good as I expected (my old Q8400 ran at like 50c under load at 2.9). Anyway, here's where this gets weird. I said screw it I'll over clock and check temperatures. I pushed it up to 4.4ghz, from 3.3, and under prime95 load the temperatures max out at 80, and stick around 70. Seems like this chip just runs a little hotter. I checked out tomsguide and they said 70ish for a 4.4 over clock under prime95 load is fine. So I think I'm in the clear.

    Seems like it runs medium hot stock, and just slightly hotter over clocked. Oh well, at least the over clock gives it a reason to be rather warm.
  3. glad you got it sorted out mrwaffles! solid overclock too.
  4. Thanks for your help guys.


    My max temp fully loaded at 4.4ghz is 77c.
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