Can't locate HD on new build

When trying to install Windows Vista on a new build, the hard drive is not recognized and it asks for a driver. I took the HD out of the new build and tried it in another system and it wasn't recognized on that system either. Do I need a jumper or do I need to plug it in to a specific SATA port on the mobo? My mobo is a Gigabyte EX58-UD3R. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your hard drive won't be recognized until you install Windows Vista. You have to format the Hard Drive during the install process. You need to go into your BIOS and select the boot order to be boot from your CD/DVD drive first, install your install disk in the CD/DVD drive and hit F10 to save and start the installation process....

    Unless, I'm not understanding your problem very well....
  2. Sorry Tecmo, I had to edit my question. It doesn't give me the option to format the drive.
  3. Hmm, I am not quite understanding the problem.....Vista needs no drivers....are you sure you are doing the install correctly?
  4. I just realized that I am not using a full retail version of Vista. Does that make a difference?
  5. Yes! You are most likely using an upgrade disk that upgrades XP to Vista & use some of it's drivers for the install. You need a full copy or install XP than upgrade to Vista.
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