BSOD after adding new ram HELP ASAP

Hi, my rig has been always stable with my previous ram, I bought a new memory DDR2-800 4GB Corsair XMS2
and ever since that; while gaming I get BSOD like hours later. BSOD code 124

System spec: E4600 C2D @3GHZ stable, 9800gtx, Gigabyte 945gcm-s2c, 750 watt PSU , Corsair XMS2 ddr2-800 4gb, Vista prem 32bit

BIOS Settings:
-CPU freq mhz- 250
-PCI Express freq mhz- Auto
-System memory multiplier- 3.33
-Dimm volt- +0.2v
-FSB volt- +0.2v
-CPU volt- 1.36250v

NOTE: I been running this config for the past year and stable O/C @ 3GHZ till i installed this mem and temps are good.

Memory Dram freq 416.7mhz

I heard the BSOD code 124 results from O/C low voltages, hardware, etc. I ran memtest86, memory is OK.
So my guess would be the voltage, but which part?
The memory XMS2 default is 1.8v and now its at 2.0v and I heard should not go beyond 2.0v corsair.
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  1. Some RAM does not play nicely under certain conditions especially when Vista or Win 7 are involved. If your new RAM is not matched to any existing RAM then problems can surface there. Your BIOS may require an update. You can also try taking the RAM back and swapping it for another brand. Sounds strange but I went through this with a laptop. Upgraded it using the same brand of RAM it already had to 4 GB. BSOD. Changed both modules to another brand and all good since. Sometimes its is a matter of experimentation.
  2. Memory is fine, I ran memtest 86 and both sticks are OK. I am O/C and i think voltage is playing a roll here, thanks for the info.
  3. :Bump: So i add max dimm volt + 0.3 and now its at 2.10v max, and when I heavy game it just BSOD.
  4. whether the system has passed the test of Prime95 , IBT or Orthos , OCCT ..?
  5. Back the voltage to 1.8 or what ever the manufacturer recommends. Then set your ram to a 1:1 ratio, the lowest set speed. See if it crashes, I would set pci to 100 as well, no need to leave that on auto when overclocking. Some motherboards need a little bump in NB voltage depending on build quality and how many dim slots are populated.
  6. @ henydiah, Prime95 all 3 test stable and OCCT.
    @ sportsfanboy, Now set to 1:1 @500mhz 4-4-4-9, 2 dim slots both populated dual channel. FSB is at + 0.2v max is + 0.3v and PCI Auto is 100. I will set back to 1.8v current 2.0v if doesn't bsod
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