Wow, so the GTX 285 Works on the Mac Pro

...But you need to purchase an adapter to get DisplayPort to work with DVI?
The $450 price of the GTX 285 is steep but, when you add $30 mini DisplayPort cost to Apple's exorbitant $350 price tag for the 512MB Radeon 4870, the Geforce GTX 285's price tag looks a little more reasonable. The only real catch are NVIDIA's OS X OpenGL drivers, which need to mature relative to the competition, since the GTX 285 is often beaten by the cheaper Radeons and even older-gen GeForces. That's the main thing stopping me from loving this card. Once the Mac drivers are polished, this card will definitely shine.

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  1. that says the 4870 needs the adapter, which makes the 285s price more reasonable.

    and its not just any 4870 or 285. they are specifically made for the mac. and cost more.
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