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Hey Guys,
Got a stange question for ya that I really need an answer to, here goes.

I have dual 'Acer X263w' 26" monitors, They both are great screens but one of them has now decided to do this. I have my monitors turned off when pc isn't on, then I turn them on again before I turn the pc on. I turn one on and the light comes on where the button is, and shows the Acer logo. The other screen 70% of the time does not do the same, I can press the button 30times and still no light showing monitor is on, or the Acer logo. There is no pc issue as the pc isnt even on when no power is on the screen.

The ways I resolve this temporarily is to plug into another powerpoint and it sometimes work, if it doesnt I plug the fully working one in then the semi working one in then somehow it turns on from that and both are usable.

Other times just wait 10mins then try again (do something else in the meantime)

All i want is an answer to make my screen ALWAYS turn on when I press the button on the monitor.
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  1. Although I'm not an electrician I am leaning towards two things. The first is a bad power receptacle in the wall and the second is too much load on the circuit causing a voltage drop.
  2. It used to work well all the time for like 1-2months, I have also tried running it from other power points and that kind of thing.
  3. If the monitor is still under warranty then get it replaced as it does not turn on by the power button all of the time.
  4. sounds like a lose power socket on the screen, try jiggling the power cable going into the back, if that makes it work again claim it under warrenty, those scrrens i call sparkies due to the lose connection usually fries them after a year or so
  5. Well I have had one for 6months and the other for about 2months, the 6month one being the one playing up.

    I will have a play about with jiggling the power cord in the monitors socket and maybe the on/off button also to see if there is an issue there. Seems to be fine today but I shall soon know if the problem can be fixed or if i need a new one.

    The only prob with getting a new one is...its discontinued took me long enough to get the second one due to no one having them in stock no more.
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